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Medical marijuana has long been known to provide health benefits that improve quality of life. Although some may still reject this thought, people have been openly talking about its use through the years. With proper education on cannabis, one can understand its benefits and how they can use it according to their personal needs.

At Top Notch Cannabis, we do not solely aim to be Maine’s best medical cannabis company. We also want to provide our consumers with helpful information and updates about the industry. We desire to raise the bar on your cannabis use experience.  

Being your trusted 420 shop in Maine, we want to keep you educated and updated through our blogs. Hang on and read all the information we have cultivated out for you.

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Medical Cannabis vs. Adult-Use

Medical Cannabis use in Maine is exclusively for patients. You need a patient certification given by a medical professional to have legal access to medical marijuana. Meanwhile, marijuana for adult use is only made available to customers who are 21 years and older. Maine does not distribute medical and adult-use marijuana at the same facility.

Top Notch Cannabis offers premium medical products.
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When it comes to physical differences, Indica is shorter than Sativa.

There are two types of cannabis species: Indica and Sativa. Both share significant similarities and differences, especially in their effects and physical appearances. If your body needs improved brain productivity, function, and stimulation, Sativa may be for you. It is best to use during the day to boost your energy, ease up anxiety, and enhance your focus.

If you need to de-stress and feel relaxed, you may opt to use Indica instead. Unlike Sativa, Indica is best used at night time before sleeping. It has sedative-like properties that make you sleepy and can relieve any physical pain. Aside from this, it may also boost your appetite.

When it comes to physical differences, Indica is shorter than Sativa.

Indica is bushy, broad, and has darker green leaves. It also grows faster than Sativa. Meanwhile, Sativa has light green leaves that are tall and slim.

Growers have also found a way to mix both species, creating hybrid options for cannabis users. They do this to improve yield and balance out stimulating and calming effects.

Terpenes & Flavor Profiles
What's that taste? It's terpenes.

Terpenes & Flavor Profiles; What You Need to Know

Ever wondered how your cannabis differs in aromas, colors, and flavors?

Terpenes are chemical compounds in your plants responsible for the taste and smell of your cannabis. It is a flavor-enhancer and health benefits booster. Since it works with cannabinoids, Terpenes can produce mood-altering effects. Terpenes can give off sweet, spicy, and citrus flavor profiles to cannabis.

The sensory features it offers for cannabis have also helped enhance customer experience and market price standing.

Stay Tuned for Regular Blog Updates

Here at Top Notch Cannabis, we would like to give you the best cannabis experience. We want to see you well-informed on your cannabis intake. Expect frequent postings to educate and guide you about the plant’s use and updates.

Of course, as a reliable provider of Maine Medical Cannabis, we are the first in line to provide you not just with the marijuana you need — but also the information that you seek! Connect with us and place an order today.

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Our team is passionate about building great relationships with our patients and providing personalized experiences to serve you better. We strive to understand what makes our customers tick and work with you to build trust. We know how important your medicine is and want you to consistently have access to options for relief.

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