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Grounded on quality service and efficiency, Top Notch Cannabis is a leading Maine medical cannabis shop located across from Ken’s Food Truck in Winslow. We know what our customer wants, and we always aim to provide that, taking pride in our products using high-quality ingredients. As we continue to learn and innovate our techniques in the cultivation process, we believe that our cannabis has helped patients and desire for that to persist.

Medical marijuana serves several benefits in the medical field, and we have mastered the art and skills of providing you with the best cannabis experience in Maine. Our team of dedicated experts makes sure that every step in making medical marijuana is properly done, providing you with only the best premium cannabis you deserve for your health.

We have undergone extensive training to match the constantly improving Maine medical cannabis techniques, and we remain passionate and steadfast with what we do.

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Meet the Owners, Trevor & Nick

Top Notch Cannabis was founded on the love and passion of both owners, Trevor and Nick. They share the same burning desire to help others improve their health with medical marijuana.

More than this duo’s passion and dedication, they also believe that listening to their customers should be a priority. Doing so helps them get closer to their patients and better determine how well Top Notch Cannabis performs in the cannabis industry.

Trevor and Nick certainly make good business partners – with Nick constantly thinking of ways for the business to evolve, improve, and be on top. Meanwhile, Trevor always makes sure that everything runs smoothly, from the cultivation process to their Maine medical marijuana packaging.

Two people with one passion: to help the community.
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A Consistent Experience Every Time

When you’re looking for good cannabis in Maine, we know you value one with efficient and smooth customer service that can attend to your needs. At Top Notch Cannabis, we will always listen to our customers’ needs to improve our services constantly. We take pride in providing affordable yet effective and high-quality cannabis shopping experience, ensuring that we will always remain on top.

Our team of trained experts at Top Notch Cannabis wants to be a part of your life. We want to make sure that our medical marijuana improves your well-being by always being updated with the latest developments in the manufacturing and cultivating of cannabis in Maine.

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The most affordable medical cannabis in Central Maine.

Top Notch Cannabis; Where Affordability and Quality are Our Priorities

At Top Notch Cannabis, we value the affordability of our products without compromising the quality. Our cannabis shop is open six days a week from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.

We don’t want our customers and patients to be spending long hours experiencing pain. Also, we want to be there to provide the relief from medical symptoms you need to improve the quality of your life. Simply place an order via our website, and we’ll  leave a note for in store or curbside pickup. No hassle, no inconvenience.

Our Patients Mean Everything to Us

Our team is passionate about building great relationships with our patients and providing personalized experiences to serve you better. We strive to understand what makes our customers tick and work with you to build trust. We know how important your medicine is and want you to consistently have access to options for relief.

Maine Cannabis products

Quality Medicine

Top Notch Cannabis offers a wide variety of medical marijuana serving your medical needs. With a minimum of $20 on all online orders, you're guaranteed to find one that suits your health condition. Click here to see our products.

cannabis education

Cannabis Education

Maine medical cannabis provides several benefits that can improve your quality of life. However, it's still essential that you stay educated on how these elements work and why they can help patients with certain medical conditions. Check out our blogs to learn more.

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We always want to hear from you to allow us to generate ways to improve our services. Find our contact details here when you wish to message us with your concerns or inquiries regarding medical cannabis in Maine.

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