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Top Notch Tuesday ⬆️

Get $5 off select concentrates

Stay Fly Friday 🍃

Get soarin' with $5 off edibles every Friday.

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See What We Have To Offer

At Top Notch Cannabis, we combine affordability and premium quality to produce our medical marijuana. We aim to become the leading cannabis shop located near Pleaus Market in Winslow, ME providing you with the best Maine medical cannabis you deserve for your health and medical needs.

Our products range from various cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles in multiple flavors to suit your preference. Ourselves and our wholesale partners pay close attention to all details during the cultivation and packaging process, guaranteeing that you get more than you’re paying for.

At Top Notch Cannabis, we want to improve your quality of life through our medical cannabis products, lessening the symptoms you feel because of your condition. Trust our products, stay informed, and place an order today.

Potent Flower Options

Our Maine medical cannabis company offers three varieties of cannabis flowers: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flowers. These three cannabis styles provide specific advantages that can help address different medical concerns.


Indica is known to offer relaxation, which can help alleviate your pain and stress while also relieving muscle fatigue. This cannabis flower can also help prevent nausea, increase your appetite, and help you sleep better.


Through the Sativa flower, our products can help improve your creativity and stimulate better brain activities. We aim to help customers with social anxiety and patients with ADHD, depression, and mood disorders through this potent cannabis flower.


Hybrid is a potent flower that combines the qualities of Sativa and Indica, allowing you to be more relaxed while providing the energy you need to get through the day.

Top Notch Cannabis Does Things Different

With our cannabis shop in central Maine, we are ecstatic to offer a variety of high-quality cannabis medicine — at a cost that works for your budget. We are passionate about ensuring our community has access to natural alternatives for helping with symptoms of pain, mental illness, inflammation, and more. We know that regular access to quality medicine can be expensive, so we opened Top Notch Cannabis with the promise of keeping things affordable for our patients, without ever sacrificing quality.  

Clean, quality, affordable cannabis is our promise.
Cannabis Shop In Central Maine
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Concentrates For Every Taste

Our Maine medical cannabis company also aims to provide you with different flavors and concentrates, giving you more options that suit your taste. We also made sure that our products could benefit patients who are beginners in the cannabis industry. This is done by providing you with different concentrate options that will help you rely on medical marijuana to alleviate and address the symptoms of your medical condition.

Top Notch Cannabis has got it all for you, from the beginner wax consistency to the thicker badders. We also utilize terpene science to enhance the flavors of our medical marijuana, increasing its relaxation property and making our cannabis more flavorful and pleasant to anyone’s taste.

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Looking for Something Not on our Menu?

If you are looking for something that you cannot find on our menu, fret not. At Top Notch Cannabis, our trained and determined staff will do their best to find the product you are looking for or look for the one closest to it.

Finding what you need also broadens our horizons, serving as an opportunity to discover new things about Maine medical cannabis.

Check out and try our products by placing an order today.

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Delectable Edibles

If you prefer to ingest medical cannabis to get its maximum medical benefits, we also offer delectable edibles that will suit your taste. We aim to be versatile in providing the medical marijuana you need from gummies, chocolates, different beverages, and tinctures. With these delectable edibles, you can bring them anywhere without hassle or inconvenience.

THC or CBD edibles
With long hours of availability, we are here to serve you.
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About Our Crew

Our team at Top Notch Cannabis is devoted to serving you every day, helping us build a strong bond with our customers to become better in what we do. Ultimately, our customers are the heart of this business, and we would not be as successful as we are today without you. Check out our team page to learn more about the people behind this Maine medical cannabis success.

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Learn With Us

It’s essential to stay educated too. Aside from buying our high-quality medical marijuana, it would help if you also stayed informed about Maine medical cannabis to keep learning and growing with the industry. Learn more about the benefits and medical cannabis work by checking out our blogs.

Contact Top Notch

We absolutely love hearing from you, our dear clients. Let’s grow and work together in the cannabis industry to formulate the best medical marijuana for your medical needs. Contact us for your concerns and inquiries by checking our contact details here.

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